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Welcome To The Mahjong Addicts Page

I welcome you to my website. This page will contain tilesets I've made for Kyodai Mahjong the best mahjong game out there. I love the game and I love making tilesets for it. Here I'll place these tilesets for you can grab and feed your addiction. You can also request a tileset if you want by  emailing me at  So come in and poke around hope you find something you like:)


UPDATE::: 2/12/11

It has been forever since I updated this site. I am so sorryCry I lost my password and login and could not get in to my account so I couldn't upload any new sets. But today after years I found my account info YEA!!!!!!!! So I am going to revamp and up load new sets. I should have them on here by 2/13/11 and I have gotten alot lol. Thanks to all who have visisted and pass the word I'M BACK Tongue out

Mahjong Tilesets

More Coming Soon!!!! :)


Puzzled Tileset